West Jersey Grove Association Malaga Camp Meeting

Since 1869

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Anniversaries are a time of reflection…

a time to pause… to remember the orignial beauty of the occasion to consider all the days that have gone by and to see how the original moment as grown and changed.

In 1869, the Camp Meeting began to be held on the west side of Malaga Road on the property of Joshua Richman, where the present camp meeting is now. A factor in choosing this location was probably the Richman Family. Joshua and Jacob Richman owned most of the property between Malaga and Weymouth Road on both sides of Malaga Road, and they were quite involved in promoting the camp meeting.

The first meetings at Malaga Camp were held in the same spot as they are now, but in a rather primitative fashion. The congregation met under just a mediocre roof and sat on planks with no backrests. the only lights were oil lamps besides the pulpit and on the post for the organist.

This summer of 2019, Malaga Camp is celebrating and reflecting on 150 years. The 150th Anniversary Committee has made special plans for this celebration. We invite you to write down some of your memories of past camp meetings. You can do this and send via email to Jane Pedrick at mjane.pedrick@gmail.com or mail to 1716 Birch Street, Newfield, NJ 08344 or even hand it to her in writing at camp services.

Join us in this wonderful summer as we Remember the Past, Celebrate the Present & Envision the Future of Malaga Camp.