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Many of you signed up to give monthly to the support of our Camp between September and June.  We are indebted to those who helped us through the off season.  Forms are available in the Tabernacle or the camp office to sign up to join the “Grove Circle” for this coming year.  Thank you for your support!


Please Support Malaga Camp!
     One of the ways you can support the camp is to have open eyes. Look around!  Maybe you see some wayward trash. Why not pick it up instead of hoping someone else does it?  Maybe you see something that should or could be done. Why not do it, or if you’re not sure it should or could be done, why not ask one of the Board Members or Officers if you could do it? There’s great joy in participating in the life of the camp.

     Maybe during this summer, you’ll hear someone ask for help with a project or a ministry Malaga provides.  Why not step up and volunteer?  Most of what is done at Malaga is non-paid, and we’d be sunk if only what is paid for gets done!

     While we’re talking about money, there are many ways to support the camp financially. You can give cash, by check or by credit card!   See Joy Castagna after any service. She will gladly help you with a credit card payment. We also accept automatic withdrawals from your personal bank account. If you wish to make a monthly donation and not have to write or think about that monthly check, see Joy Castagna or Debbie Witte for more information, or contact them in the camp office (856) 691-3154.


     Every year we have a chance to honor those who are significant in the life of Malaga Camp through The Memory Book.  On Memorial Sunday, August 18 at the 10:30am service, a list of those who have died since last Camp Meeting is read by Jane Risdon, the Association Secretary.  We don’t want to miss anyone!  If you know of someone connected with our camp family who has died since last camp meeting, be sure to put their name in writing and give to Jane Risdon.

     In addition, the Memory Book is a place to remember anyone special from the camp by giving a donation in Memory or in Honor of them. Maybe you’d like to remember that person who influenced you for Christ or inspired you in some way. You may put your Memory Book gift and information in the offering at any of the services or you may mail it to the camp office, 4488 Arbutus Avenue, Newfield NJ 08344.


“I will walk by faith even when I cannot see.”

2 Corinithians 5:7.


 Missions at Malaga

Malaga has a rich history of supporting missions and various missionaries, and in fact, a number of missionaries over our 150 year history have received a call to missions through an encounter with the Lord while here at Malaga. Traditionally Malaga selects a missionary or a project which we support throughout the summer, and usually hear updates from the missionary during Camp Meeting.

We are in the process of selecting next year’s missionary. We ask you to pray as we work through that process.